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"Do I have what it takes?"

"Do I have what it takes?

We all want to be successful in one way or another, but have you ever asked yourself, “Do I really have what it takes to be successful?” Do you have the heart to do whatever it takes to make your dreams come true? Even if that means stepping out of your safety zone. Do you eat, breath, sleep, what your dreams are? How much effort are you willing to put into your craft? Are you willing to go through all of the lessons, trials & tribulations? Are you willing to be patient? You know success does not happen overnight, and for those whom it does, are rare exceptions. Sometimes reaching that threshold takes months, years, even decades.

Have you ever thought about how much time you have available to work on your craft? I created a challenge on Facebook asking my followers to make a chart of how much time they’ve spent on social media versus working on their craft. Not sure if anybody actually did it outside of myself, but what I found out was that on average, I spent a minimum of 2 hours per day just scrolling through my different timelines. Every day for a week I monitored my usage. It was astonishing. I complained in the past I didn’t have enough time to work out, or even work on my craft, but really I did, I just wasn’t using the time wisely. Now, I scroll social media under a time limit of twenty minutes, so I don’t spend too much wasted time. That gives me ten minutes for Facebook and ten minutes for Instagram.

I believe that if you are going to be successful you also have to start within yourself. Maybe you have some skills that you can sharpen, or habits that need to be broken. I used to procrastinate in college to the point I would have two plus weeks to work on a paper, and start it the night before it’s due. Despite the fact that I still got straight A’s, it was an extremely bad habit I had to break. Now I can get my work done in pieces, early, without stressing myself out, still maintaining A’s.

Are you willing to do extraneous research of your craft, of yourself? I share that self-observation because when you want to be successful badly enough, you have to be willing to take time to work on yourself, to prep yourself, to evolve, gain more knowledge, and learn the art of self-discipline. It’s the measure of your determination. How determined are you to become successful? Are you willing to go so hard that you learn to evolve every aspect around and within you? Do you have the firmness to move with purpose?

~Consult Kelly

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