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Our Mission

Our Vision

The Who

The What, Why, How & When

Our mission is to create more female business owners. 

We are the resource for women entrepreneurs both growing and established.


By 2025, we will have assisted over 100 women start and run their business as well as establish our mark as the most prominent woman-owned start-up consulting agency.


Introducing Consult Kelly's CEO, Shannen Kelly. She has a Bachelor of Applied Science degree in Paralegal Studies, with honors, and a Business Entrepreneur & Development certification, both from St. Petersburg College. She will eventually attend law school.


She started her own business consulting agency after being disappointed in working for various employers. Ms. Kelly noticed certain opportunities for areas of improvement that could strengthen the operations, marketing, training, sales, morale, and more, all while the employer would evade the inevitable.


Putting her experiences and ideas together, Consult Kelly LLC was born to help women seeking to start their business as well as those businesses already established seeking to improve.

Whether your business is just starting or already established, Consult Kelly. Let's set the right foundation to build a strong business. Let's fix the repairable and discard what no longer serves your customers, your employees, your business, and your new future.  

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