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Our mission is to provide experience, strategies, wisdom, and inspiration to businesses in their pursuit of success. 

We envision being the core for businesses both growing and established, due to our innovation, strategies, and perspicacity as a resource in the business development industry.


By 2025, we will have assisted over 1,000

woman-owned businesses in development, establish our mark as the most prominent consulting agency, and achieve national recognition. 

Introducing Consult Kelly's CEO, Shannen Kelly. She recently graduated with her Associates degree in Paralegal Studies with honors, and is pursuing her Bachelor's degree in the same field before attending law school. She started her own business consulting agency after being disappointed in working for various corporations.  Ms. Kelly started noticing certain opportunities for areas of improvement that could strengthen the operations, marketing, training, morale, and more, all while the business would evade the inevitable. Putting her experiences and ideas together, Consult Kelly was born, to help individuals seeking to start their business as well as those businesses already established seeking to improve.

Business has always came naturally to Ms. Kelly, just like breathing. Ms. Kelly has studied business for many years as well as worked in various industries and positions. She's trained, led, and supervised teams both small and large. Ms. Kelly is often considered a subject matter expert. As mentioned before, she found herself working in industries where she could instinctively discover the root of problems in terms of production, customer service, policies, and other areas of the company and provide solutions to solve them. The companies would either take the hard work Ms. Kelly put in to create new ideas with no acknowledgement or they would simply continue with the same routine and results. Consult Kelly desires to work with businesses that will take their practices seriously and thus want to grow their success. If you have a question or need, who better to ask than the SME Shannen Kelly? That's why you should Consult Kelly. 

Whether your business is just starting or already established, Consult Kelly. Let's set the right foundation to build a strong business. Let's fix the repairables, and discard what no longer serves our customers, our employees, our establishments or our new futures.