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Who is Consult Kelly, L.L.C.?

If you’re reading this, it’s because you have subscribed to our site to receive business guidance and have allowed Consult Kelly to be your business accountability partner. Thank you!

So who is Consult Kelly? So far the person behind Consult Kelly is Shannen Kelly. More folks will be added to the team as needed. What am I doing? I am providing you with business information that I have learned through my journeys. A lot of the information could also be applied to your everyday life. Take the information you want. Revisit when you’re in need. Why do I keep a “we” tone? Because you are not in this alone. As previously stated I am your business consultant, the one you turn to when you have business questions, ideas, and need advice. I’m your accountability partner because once you let me in on your craft, goals, and dreams, I’m going to push you and make sure those things are accomplished.

It’s important to not only start on your goals but to achieve them. It’s even better when you have a support team to turn to along the way. There’s a lot of doubt that runs through our minds when stepping into something new. We’re leaving a comfort zone that we’ve never tested before.

How do I know I won’t fail? Oh crap, it wasn’t supposed to happen that way. What am I going to do now? Ugh, nobody said it was going to be this hard. I could just give up. What’s the point of starting this anyway?

We’ve all had those same thoughts before. The difference between those who are reading this and those who are not, is your determination to be successful. You want to be an entrepreneur. You want the responsibility of running your own business. You’re tired of “working for the man”. You are different.

So I’m going to be real with you, this journey is not easy. It’s not for the lighthearted. This is a journey for those who are determined to achieve their goals no matter what is thrown their way. These are people who spew out positivity at all times. Not to say they don’t have negative moments, but they don’t let things stick with them. They address the issue, resolve it, and move on. These people are folks who want to do something different. Be something different. Set a new path for themselves, maybe create generational wealth.

Now we don’t have all the answers but we know we can find them. If you’re ready to saddle up on this ride of accomplishments, then let’s do it together. Say it with me, “WE ARE SUCCESSFUL!” you have to believe it.

Consult Kelly LLC, business brain

Thank you for entrusting Consult Kelly, L.L.C. as your business consultant and accountability partner.

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