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#KellyTip: The Importance of Appropriate IT Measures!

How important do you think having knowledge in technology is when it comes to owning and operating a business? How much value do you put into technology and having an IT team? Do you even know what IT stands for?

I have been recently interviewing for a legal position in many law firms. So far no luck, but not letting that deter me from my goals. (I personally set a goal to be working in a law firm by September 2018.) One thing that an attorney said has had me brewing over the past few days. He asked me to describe myself to him and when I mentioned that I wanted to become a lawyer in Intellectual Property he recommended that I should get a degree in science.

I have taken some time to look at the different kinds of science degrees the college I'm currently attending has to offer and found a few that might be of interest. It never dawned on me before to get a degree in science. For one, it's not really my subject of interest. However, after the attorney made the suggestion, I've only come to realize how much technology is truly involved in business.

Think about it, technology is in everything we do today. Here's some business basics to get us started: security systems, computers, phones, software to operate our computers. That's only to name a few and there's multiple programs underneath each kind of category. What about the technology that our phones are capable of? Remember at one point in time the most our phones were able to do was call, text, and play a game of snake. We have come a long way. Now our phones are miniature computers operating off either Android or Apple networks and everything is run by an APP. Remember the slogan "There's an app for that!"? Exactly.

The Informational Technology "IT" team, is one of the most crucial teams to any business as they are really the glue, the life line that holds the business together on every level imaginable. They protect not only the company's private information but it also protects the customers. It protects social security numbers, bank account information, and other monetary information. Deeming the importance of the appropriate technology and security systems has most certainly earned the title of a #KellyTip.

~Consult Kelly

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