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#KellyTip : Numero Uno!

The first Kelly Tip and argumentatively one of the most important in any business, is how the employees are treated. In all reality, your employees should be the second most valued part of your company, only second to that of your customers. I say this because your employees are the ones who interact with your customers, and in all essence your customers are your profit. So if you do not value your employees with high regards how do you think they will treat your profit?

I have been in various positions throughout my life, working for different types of companies. There have been some that valued their employees highly, with great bonuses, scholarship school programs, and pleasant people to interact with. Some companies valued their employees with a so so attitude. Offering a decent amount of vacation days after the holidays, discounts for the employees, and different contests that they have the potential of winning if they can work hard as a team. Then there are some companies who do not value their employees hardly at all. Inadequate amount of commission, unfair lead distribution, high expectations with low resources.

I can tell you first hand that the relationship between employee and company morale is highly important. For an employee it could mean the difference between giving their best customer service skills or completely dropping the ball. It's not that they are bad employees it's simply that they know how hard they can and are willing to work but only for the right company. NOBODY wants to work for a company where they don't feel valued at. Members of your team want to know that their opinion matters, that they are thought of as well and not left out in the wind to dry. Just keep this old saying in the back of your mind when making important decisions that affects the staff in one way or another, whether it's the whole staff or only a few of them, "Do Unto Others As You Would Have Them Undo To You". Be fair and conscious in the decisions you make as the executive.

Employees also want to know that the people they work for and with are leading them in the right directions and that the team is strong. They don't want to feel as if their team leader is a complete air head. They don't want to feel that they cannot ask questions as the chain lead of command isn't strong or that they don't know the answers (or how to find it). They also don't want to feel that maybe they have to walk on eggshells around certain people on the team because maybe they don't want to be spoken to until a certain time or day of the week. Your team wants to know that they can come to any person, in the respective departments, and be able to get answers they need, the leadership they need, and even mentorship they may be seeking. This can all be addressed and enforced in the initial training and any and all follow up training. Keep expectations high and reinforced.

People leave good companies because of bad managers, or bad pennies as I like to call it. So please executives and anybody else who may benefit from this tip, always keep the value of your employees in the back of your mind. Remember they are the back bone of your company. As long as they are treated with respect, they are included in the decision making, and are continuously valued they will always have your back.

~Consult Kelly

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