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Business Plan Template

Business Plan Template


Don't know where to start with starting a business?

Do you have so many ideas and not sure how to form them?

Are you ready to quit your job and create your own legacy?


This ebook will help you write a successful biz plan. This eBook takes you step by step through the process of writing your plan. From determining your mission and vision statements, to determining your products and services, price points, marketing plan & tips, plus more!


  • Tech Specs

    This is an ebook and will be delivered via email. Please save it to your computer. It is meant to be printed so you can write in it. 

    Also, if you didn't buy it, you shouldn't have it. Point blank period. No sharing files without written express consent from the owner of Consult Kelly LLC. 

    Thank you for your purchase and support. We look forward to your success!

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